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Freak'n Costume Guidelines!

Posted: 10.18.2013 12:35PM

Get done up to get down at this year's Hallowfreaknween! In order to make your entry to the event as smooth as possible, we have compiled a list of prohibited items in relation to costumes and accessories! Safety is our number one concern, anything that can be construed as a weapon will not be allowed in.

Real Weapons
Ninja Stars
Real lightsabers (does anyone know where to buy these though?)
Sharp pointed or spiked accessories

Plastic weapons will be handled on a case by case basis, as decided by venue security. Any plastic weapons must be clearly marked as so, including orange tips on laser guns, etc.

Admittance of all objects is ultimately left up to the security staff.  If you think there is a chance something is questionable, leave it at home! We'll see all of you on October 26th for Colorado's Largest Halloween Costume Party!

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