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Caffeine Music Festival 2012 Artist Schedule

Posted: 03.22.2012 12:34PM

Caffeine Music Festival 2012 is Colorado's biggest spring break party featuring 6 stages and 75 artists! Here is the full artist schedule so you will not miss your favorite acts. Tickets are still available here

☼ Caffeine Garden [Stadium Arena] ☼ 
7pm-8pm Hycloud
8pm-9pm Joman
9pm-10pm Dragon
10pm-11pm Jes
11pm-12am Icey
12am-1am Micro
1am -2am Cazzette
2am-3am Headhunterz
3am-4am Trajikk vs Kevin Alves

☼ Sunflower Stage [Southeast Basketball Court] ☼
Hosted by Sub.mission & Reload 
7pm-8pm Dayquill
8pm-9pm Dodger vs Thorazine
9pm-10pm Ishe vs Dirt Monkey
10pm-11pm Fury
11pm-12am Broken note
12am-1am Megalodon
1am-2am AK1200
2am-3am  Urban assault
3am-4am  Coult45
*Hosted by MC Dino & Dozha

☼ Dandelion Stage [Northeast Corner Lounge] ☼ 
7pm-8pm Covalence
8pm-9pm Brian Mathews
9pm-10pm NVS
10pm-11pm Spencer Beckley vs Krootz
11pm-12pm Robo vs Strike
12am-1am John Corey
1am-2am Darksiderz
2am-3am Ghetto vs Altronic
3am-4am Stereo Force

☼ Magnolia Stage [East Lounge] ☼ 
7pm-8pm Buddah biggsbee vs Eyezafreak
8pm-9pm Sevamatic vs Decibel
9pm-10pm Dsm vs Lee harris
10pm-11pm Suchocki vs 40 watt
11pm-12pm Rudeboi vs 2 slikk
12am-1am Lexi fey vs Xenology
1am-2am Wazabi vs Fat & Ugly
2am-3am Chris Epic vs D-loc
3am-4am Sergio Santana vs Sang Dinh

☼ Tulip Stage [West Lounge] ☼ 
7pm – 8pm Fastlife vs Tank 420
8pm -9pm J Fuentes vs Chai
9pm-10pm Maestro Paul 3ric vs parrish
10pm-11pm Max Kruse vs Anomaly
11pm-12pm DJ Cruz vs Korban Dallas
12am-1am soulshocker vs jon sidberry
1am-2am Curiosity vs DC
2am-3am Royal vs Taylor Hetzel
3am-4am lance philips vs Raptor

☼ Lily Stage [Upstairs Northeast Corner Lounge] ☼ 
7PM-8PM Trak Trix vs dj fink
8PM-9PM Cdom vs Staged incident
9PM-10PM Lady Sage vs Dj Lowa
10PM-11PM Soleil vs Raags
11PM-12AM Tatsu ogata vs Dream
12AM-1AM Fidget Factory
1AM-2AM Cognition vs T-rav
2AM-3AM Dr.u vs At5k
3AM-4AM Dj Wushu ( walt dj)


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