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Skylab Astronaut Training Program: Part 1

Posted: 08.21.2012 4:27PM

Space cadets: our mission to the dark corners of our galaxy launches in a month! To ensure the success of Mission Blackout, we have a specific protocol each astronaut must complete before take off. Here is the first installment of your specialized astronaut training program to prepare you for the launch.

Each astronaut needs to be prepared with a basic knowledge of the technical and operational protocols of the mission. This includes but is not limited to: the rules and regulations of the launch pad, lineup of sonic pilots, and orbit route. In order to complete basic training, review the information provided on for a comprehensive understanding of Mission Blackout.

Trust and communication between each member of the crew is key to the success of our mission. Begin assigning your crew today to ensure that no one gets left behind. Furthermore, start getting to know your fellow astronauts by interacting on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram (@GlobalDanceUS). Remember that we are all in this mission together.

During our mission, astronauts will be bombarded with meteoric beats and bass. It is important to undergo integrated simulations in order to prepare yourself for the gravity-defying atmosphere of music. To help you prepare, we have provided you with a list of music to familiarize yourself with before take off:

Porter Robinson- Language
Porter Robinson- Union 
Gareth Emery- Sanctuary 
Gareth Emery- Concrete Angel 
Zedd- Spectrum 
Zedd- Stars Come Out
Major Lazer- Get Free (Andy C remix)
Downlink- Ignition 
Downlink- Gamma Ray
Borgore- Nympho
Borgore- Ice Cream
Dragon- Bamboozle
Ecotek- Forget About Tomorrow
Jontron- Let Go
Trajikk- Believe In Me
Kevin Alves- Anywhere

If you haven't already, enter for your chance to win a free pair of passes to Skylab: Mission Blackout. Enter here.

This completes part 1 of the Skylab: Mission Blackout astronaut training program. Standby for part 2.

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