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Your Freakn Set Times

Posted: 10.28.2016

We're just a day away, so now it's time for you to plan your haunted festivities! Check out your Freakn set times and make sure to plan accordingly!

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Your Freakn Guide to the Underworld

Posted: 10.28.2016

Just in time for the event, here is your official map to make your way safely through our haunted fest! Don't get lost and make sure to meet with friends so you can rage the night away with the undead!

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Stay Safe this HallowFreaknWeen

Posted: 10.27.2016

Attention our dancing spirits! As we approach the Colorado’s largest Halloween party, we want to be sure you are able to keep up with the revelry at HallowFreaknWeen 2016 in style and safety. Check out our tips for having the most safe and bumping evening possible!

1. Drink LOTS of water. Hydration is key during our frightful night full of hours of dancing. 

2. Eat well before the show! Even goblins, ghouls, witches, and sexy pirates need nourishment. You’ll probably be so excited that food will be the last thing on your mind; but food is fuel and a properly fueled body will result in greater stamina for dancing and prevent upset stomachs over the course of the night. Food is available at the venue, but eating something healthy before you enter is your best bet at going 100% all night long!

3. Look out for each other! This scene was founded with the principles of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. If you see someone that looks like they’re having a hard time, get them some water and get them medical attention. Don’t be worried about getting in trouble, Colorado’s Good Samaritan law exempts anyone helping someone get medical attention from ANY liability.

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Carpool To Purgatory

Posted: 10.27.2016

The nights almost here, we're getting ready for madness to ascend this HalloWeekend, and who wants to experience tha most frightening party of the year without their friends? Make sure to plan your rides ahead of time and carpool with friends. While we may be partying with the undead we want you to have a safe ride home, not to mention save some money on gas for you all! Carpooling also lets you park quicker and closer, so that you can be whisked away by the night sooner and spend less time worrying where to park and more time on what trick or treat antics you'll be getting into.

We can't wait to see you at the grave for Denver's biggest gathering of creatures of the night!

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What Can You Bring To The Haunt?

Posted: 10.26.2016

As the show approaches and your crew prepares to take on the biggest haunt Colorado has to offer, you'll need to be prepared with a list of what you can and can't bring into Colorado's biggest costumed Halloween event. Check out the list below and plan accordingly so there's no last minute snags on your way to the underworld!


LED toys & gloves 

Small backpacks

Camelbacks (empty upon arrival)

Hula Hoops

Vape Pens

Water bottles (sealed)



NO Alcohol or Illegal Drugs

NO Professional Recording Equipment (video, photo or audio)

NO No weapons or items construed as weapons

NO Laser Pointers

NO Stickers, flyers, banners or posters

NO Glowsticks

NO Balloons

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