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Skylab Is Sold Out

Posted: 09.20.2014

Our rockets have reached maximum capacity prior to liftoff and #SkylabXX is SOLD OUT!

We can’t wait to get down with thousands of beautiful people on an epic journey across the stars tonight! The enthusiasm has exponentially increased since the first Skylab 20 years ago to become something far bigger than anyone could have imagined all those years ago. Get here safely, and we’ll see you on the dance floor for a night of intergalactic fun amongst the stars!


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Connect With the Skylab Transmission

Posted: 09.19.2014

As we begin our journey to space and back, we’ll see a cavalcade of sights and sounds that you will no doubt want to remember forever, so take plenty of photos to upload to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more! The official hashtag is #SkylabXX, use it to join in on the conversation this weekend or to follow along with what’s happening!

Missing the 20th anniversary of Skylab and have some serious FOMO? Fear not! We’ll be keeping the party going online all weekend long!

Connect with us on the Global Dance Festival Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter (@globaldanceprod), Instagram (@globaldanceUS), and Snapchat (@globaldanceUS).

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Carpool To The Launch Pad

Posted: 09.18.2014

Fact: Astronauts carpool when they travel to space. Why? It makes the entire journey easier! From saving money to having a sober driver back, to easing the flow of traffic coming to and from the venue, to having a blast with your friends in the spacecraft prior to launch; carpooling is where it’s at! Ride with your friends and we’ll see you at #SkylabXX!

Doors are at 7:00pm

Here’s the address in case you need it:
4600 Humboldt St, Denver, CO 80216

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Staying Safe In Space: Skylab XX

Posted: 09.16.2014

Hey Space Cadets! We're 4 days away from lift-off; check out our safety tips to ensure a safe and fun trip for all at #SkylabXX!

1. Drink LOTS of water. Hydration is key during our journey to space, especially since we’ll be dancing on alien landscapes for hours and hours!

2. Eat well before the show! Astronauts stay fueled throughout their missions and it’s vital that you do so as well! You’ll probably be so excited that food will be the last thing on your mind; but food is fuel and a properly fueled body will result in greater stamina for dancing and prevent upset stomachs over the course of the night. Food is available at the venue, but eating some fruit before you enter is your best bet at going 100% all night long!

3. Look out for each other! This scene was founded with the principles of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. If you see someone that looks like they’re having a hard time, get them some water and get them medical attention. Don’t be worried about getting in trouble, Colorado’s Good Samaritan law exempts anyone helping someone get medical attention from ANY liability.

Don’t forget: you need to Eat & Sleep if you want to Rave & Repeat!

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Come To Skylab In Costume

Posted: 09.12.2014

One of the things that sets Skylab apart from other dance music events is that the entire venue and all of its inhabitants join in on the outer space theme! From the solar system suspended above our heads in the main arena to the wild space alien performers roaming the Coliseum, Skylab will leave you wondering which planet you’re on!

We encourage you to join in the celebration and dress up! Whether a spaceman, an alien, or anything in between, put on your funkiest inter dimensional space gear and join us on Saturday, September 20th for an out of this world party you won’t soon forget!

You can check out the following costume shops to help get you started on your costume!
The Ritz - Boulder
Wizard's Chest - Denver
Life of the Party - Fort Collins

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