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Stay Safe at HallowFreaknWeen

Posted: 10.26.2015

Attention our dancing spirits! As we approach the Colorado’s largest Halloween party, we want to be sure you are able to keep up with the revelry at HallowFreaknWeen 2015 in style and safety. Check out our tips for having the most safe and bumping evening possible!

1. Drink LOTS of water. Hydration is key during our frightful night full of hours of dancing. 

2. Eat well before the show! Even goblins, ghouls, witches, and sexy pirates need nourishment. You’ll probably be so excited that food will be the last thing on your mind; but food is fuel and a properly fueled body will result in greater stamina for dancing and prevent upset stomachs over the course of the night. Food is available at the venue, but eating something healthy before you enter is your best bet at going 100% all night long!


3. Look out for each other! This scene was founded with the principles of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. If you see someone that looks like they’re having a hard time, get them some water and get them medical attention. Don’t be worried about getting in trouble, Colorado’s Good Samaritan law exempts anyone helping someone get medical attention from ANY liability.

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Posted: 10.26.2015

As we begin our revelry into the Halloween weekend, we urge you to share this experience with all of your fellow dancing spirits. Take plenty of photos to upload to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and showcase the spooky sights that are witnessed along this dark evening! The official hashtag is #HFW15 use it to join in on the conversation this Halloween or to follow along with what’s going on!

Missing the freak’n good times at HallowFreaknWeen?! Fear not! We’ll be keeping the party going online all night long!


Connect with us on the Global Dance Festival Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter(@globaldanceprod), Instagram (@globaldanceUS), and Snapchat (@globaldanceUS).

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Don’t Forget your Freak’n Costume

Posted: 10.26.2015


Why show up to a costume party costume-less? That’s like showing up to a pizza eating contest with a full stomach! Join the masses. That doesn’t mean be a follower, it means be a part of something bigger, a movement of the masses. We are all gathering together to be engulfed by the music we hold near and dear to our hearts. Well if that’s the case. We might as well all goof off, look a little sexy and scare people together, right? Come up with a great costume idea and feel like a king/queen as you get complimented all night long! Get your crew together and design an head-turning ensemble that no one will ever forget. The point being. It will be a lot more Freak’n fun with a costume!! 

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Carpool to the OtherWorld

Posted: 10.26.2015

Fact: One costume-clad creature looks like a proverbial clown, but in not in the “cool” sense. Get together with your Freak’n friends and create a cool “clown” crew for the evening. Carpooling has a myriad of benefits. Driving together allows for a designated sober driver, which means a safe ride to/home for everyone. Ride sharing also saves on gas, which saves the whole crew cash! Do you love the environment? Guess what? Carpooling does too. Driving in a group decreases pollution, which keeps our planet looking and smelling great! Do you lack patience? We do too. Individual drivers congest our parking lots. Ride-sharing  saves everyone time with entry/exit to and from the show. Don’t have a clown crew of your own? Post in our event page and see if anyone wants to form a group to ride together (

Doors at 7 p.m. MDT 

Address (in case you need it):
National Western Stock Show
4655 Humboldt St., Denver, Colorado 80216 

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HallowFreaknWeen Artist Series: Kayzo

Posted: 10.09.2015

Hayden Capuozzo, aka Kayzo, and his unique blend of expressive melodies embodied through crafty mid range synth work is a true testament to his relentless non-stop work in the studio. -

Born in Houston Texas and raised in different cities across the US, 23 year old Hayden Capuozzo spent most of his early life absorbing the different sounds and styles of all the musicians the world has to offer. Under the professional guise of Kayzo, Hayden managed to use his past to fuel his present and turn his passion for electronic music into a full-fledged career. Musical diversity is what brings a real unique flair to Kayzo’s music. Where other musicians are sticking to one style, too afraid to branch out, Kayzo is constantly reaching back to find different genres to master and to create new styles that no one has ever tried. With support from superstar acts like Krewella, Carnage, Adventure Club, Diplo, Destroid/Excision, and A-Trak, Kayzo is definitely on pace to be make a big splash in the near future.

Check out this new mix

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