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Lift The Veil on the Spirit World with Supernatural

Posted: 09.01.2017

Attention all ye revelers, conjurers, mischief-makers, and ghouls!

After 20 terrifying years of mischief and madness, we have laid our beloved Hallowfreaknween to rest. Thank you for the spine-chilling memories, and prepare for the dawn of a new era on Saturday, October 28th when we plunge into the darkness at Supernatural Festival!

For one night only, the veil on the spirit world is lifted and all are invited to unlock the mysteries of the abnormal. To sinister sounds, we dance in the shadows and mingle with creatures of the night! Encounter arcane rituals, unearthly decor and bizarre phenomena in every room. We beckon you to our paranormal playground, enter if you dare! What devilry will you find lurking in the darkness? But when the clock strikes 2am, be warned! Outstay your welcome and you may never return…

Ready your costumes, gather your coven and prepare to pierce the veil with us at Supernatural Festival! More details coming soon! Join here!

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Decadence: The City Beyond Tomorrow Coming This NYE

Posted: 08.25.2017

Welcome to Decadence, The City Beyond Tomorrow!

Citizens of Decadence! On December 30th and 31st, we invite you to once again cast aside your worldly identities and carouse in our city of boundless indulgence. For two exhilarating nights, prepare to transcend time and reality as we are transported into the City Beyond Tomorrow! All fortunate enough to populate this futuristic utopia will experience unparalleled levels of excess as the magnificent Colorado Convention Center is transformed into a revolutionary metropolis that pushes the limits of the unknown. Join tens of thousands of music lovers from around the globe and make mischief in our adults-only playground that eclipses the very heights of extravagance. Enter and catch a glimpse of the extraordinary destiny that exists beyond tomorrow in our city filled with jaw-dropping production, exquisite decor, enchanting performers and unimaginable innovations just waiting to be discovered.

Take a step into the future with us as we bid farewell to 2017, and see what marvels await at Decadence: The City Beyond Tomorrow!

Lineup and pre-sale info coming soon

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Announcing your Skylab 2017 Launch Pad Mission Commanders

Posted: 08.01.2017

Broadcasting from Mission Control: On Saturday, September 23rd we embark on our annual voyage amongst the cosmos to unexplored territories in the far reaches of space! The first round of Mission Commanders guiding us from the Skylab 2017​ Launch Pad include Adventure Club​, R3hab​, Cosmic Gate​, Darude​ and special guest Matoma​! More details coming soon. #Skylab17

Tickets on sale now:

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Party Safe at Global Dance Festival 2017

Posted: 07.12.2017

Global Dance Family! This year we embark on a grand adventure to our new home at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. As we close in on the final days before the 15th anniversary of Global Dance Festival, we want to give you a list of helpful tips and reminders to keep you going all weekend long and to keep everyone as safe as possible.

1. Drink LOTS of water. 2-days of dancing is a lot of strenuous exercise, and at a higher altitude you require even more water than you normally would, especially if you’re from out of state! The festival will be outside as well so staying hydrated with the summer sun will keep you going from doors to end!
2. While you should prepare for heat, Colorado weather is unpredictable. Make sure to bring clothes or back up items that can withstand rain or any other weather changes that may occur.
3. Eat well before the show! You’ll probably be so excited that food will be the last thing on your mind; but food is fuel and a properly fueled body will result in greater stamina for dancing over the course of the weekend. Food is available at the venue, but eating a hearty meal and snacking on some fruit before you enter is your best bet for going 100% all night long, each night!
4. Wear comfortable shoes. This year our venue has expanded to an even greater area than in the past, so wear insoles or your most comfortable shoes to ensure that your feet are happy as you dance your way through the weekend.
5. Look out for each other! This scene was founded with the principles of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. If you see someone that looks like they’re having a hard time, get them some water and get them medical attention. Don’t be worried about getting in trouble, Colorado’s Good Samaritan law exempts anyone helping someone get medical attention from ANY liability.

Don’t forget: you need to Eat & Sleep if you want to Rave & Repeat! We can’t wait to see you all dancing and grooving at Global Dance Festival 2017!

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